Support PLEAA

Help Support Public Lands Equal Access Alliance.

You can help support our efforts and collect trail stickers to commemorate those trails you have riden or intend to ride. Show off to your friends all the exciting places you have been. Place the stickers on your ATV, OHV, RV or better yet, buy one for each. Each Sticker is a $5 donation.

You can also donate to PLEAA to help support our land access efforts.

Black Dragon Trail, size 2″ x 2.2″

Devil’s Racetrack, size 2″ x 2.2″

Elephant Butte, size 2″ x 2.2″

Fix It Pass, size 2″ x 2.2″

Gold Bar Rim, size 2″ x 3.39″

Mail Drop, size 2″ x 3.14″

Orange Trail, size 2″ x 2.76″

Outlaw Trail, size 2″ x 4.13″

Poison Spider, size 2″ x 2.04″

Shoshone Trail System, size 2″ x 3.09″

Strawberry Trail System, size 2″ x 2.21″

Hog Canyon Trail, size 2″ x 2.2″